Real Name: Lukas Welsch
Location: Peißenberg/Munich, Germany
Category: Performance Club DJ, Event DJ

ElixiR is a DJ & producer from Peißenberg near Munich. He started as a 14 year old on birthday parties of friends and acquaintances under the name DJ Lexter. At the same time he launched a weekly live stream on the platform Ustream and quickly gained a small dedicated fan community. Soon he had smaller commissions for U16 parties and other private events in the area. He decided to change his stage name to ElixiR. He has been working under this name since 2014 as a DJ & producer. With his adulthood in 2015, he opened up new opportunities. Larger Gigs followed and his fame increased steadily. In addition to various gigs, including in Munich and in the district of Weilheim-Schongau, in 2016 he participated in a DJ Contest for the Holi Festival in Bad Aibling and placed second. Since the organizer had to allocate 2 slots, he finally played a one-hour set in front of about 3000 people.